About Us

Gadre Bandhu – The pioneers of the Books and Stationery business in the culturally rich township of Dombivli, commenced their operations in the pre-independence era on 8th August 1946. Shri Neelkanth Gadre and Shri Madhav Gadre joined hands in their journey to enlighten the population of Dombivli.

Gadre bandhu introduced Dombivlikars to the literary world and also provided the young budding engineers, doctors, artists, thinkers, bankers etc with the books, stationery and scholastic materials required by them to pursue and excel in their career goals.

Today, the township of Dombivli is regarded as one of the most literate towns in the country. After the untimely passing away of Shri Madhav Gadre in 1948, Shri Vasudeo Gadre joined the business. Today the reigns have been taken over by Shri Mayuresh Gadre, son of the late Shri Vasudeo Gadre Variety of Books from Religious,Academic,Classic,Art sections are available on the shelves.

The stationary section comprising office and scholostic stationary and Art Material are main areas of interest for us. As a part of their social responsibilities Gadre bandhu encourages and promotes the use of Eco friendly decorations during Ganesh Chaturthi and traditional lamps during the festival of Diwali



Store Information

Gadre Bandhu, Phadke Road, Dombivli.

+91 251 243 34 12